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The great debate is always quality versus quantity.Video owners who care about large numbers of page views often care because they are part of a You Tube affiliate network.The reason for this is strictly monetary, a game of numbers.There are millions of videos with fewer than 300 — or even fewer than 100 — views posted to the site.Consequently, robot views are detrimental to the experience. A video under 300 views is unlikely to have a robot inflating its view count, and so it is left to do as it will.This saves You Tube the trouble of analyzing every video posted to the site, which would take an incredible amount of resources.People trust videos with high numbers of views to be valuable or entertaining.

Fittingly, it is much easier and more effective to use You Tube’s own embed code.

With millions of users at any given time, if You Tube tried to keep track and increment view counters for every video, the processing power required would be immense.

Instead, Sorry to say, but if your videos have under 300 views, as far as You Tube is concerned, they’re inconsequential.

This review analyzes the views the video has received for quality.

In much the same way that viewing your own video too many times can hinder its performance.

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