Xfire activity report not updating

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Xfire activity report not updating

You will then need to click "Submit" again to send to your chair and dean.

You may, however, return to this section at any time to print the entire document ("Print Preview") after submitting the activity report.

The Provost's office, the Deans' offices, and library and technology services (LTS) offers support to assist you during the activity report process (see below).

The online instructions within the activity report are designed to walk you through each step, but we understand that more help may be needed.

To navigate to the activity report sections, choose a desired section in the "jump to" drop down box found at the top and the bottom of each page.

Or choose a "next" or "previous" arrow to navigate to sections prior to or following the current section. Choose "Preferences," "Options" or "Tools" menu within the Web browser and deselect the option to "Block Popup Windows." Visit the Browser Requirements page on the SAGE website for information on recommended browsers.

The “Print Preview” link will open in a separate browser window, allowing you to view (and print) the entire activity report in the Finish/Print/Submit section.

Log out of SAGE when you are finished working on the activity report.

All data will be available if you have clicked the “Save” button while working in each section.

If the Office of Research Administration did not process your proposal and/or grant, then you will need to add relevant information in the free-text box found at the bottom of this section.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve van Ness in the Office of Research Administration, [email protected]

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Once you click inside the “Submit” check box, the activity report will no longer be available for editing.

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