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To facilitate this, he introduced the concept of Stardates.

The Stardate as created by Gene was little more than a semi-random string of numbers which allowed Kirk to state a specific date in his log entries, whilst keeping the timeline of the show undefined. Take a look at the stardates of the episodes plotted against the episode number : It is clear that there is a general correlation between the two - Stardates increase as episode number increases, and do so in an approximately linear way.

Since we already know that this episode is set on Stardate 1312.4, we can see that 21 years equates to 222.9 Stardate units, so 1 year equals 10.61 units.

This is a far cry from the near 1000 units to a year which seems to apply in TOS - at 10.61 units pre year Kirk's mission would have lasted for 87 years!

The first digit was a four, since the show was set in the 24th century.

The next digit was a 1 since it was the first season of the show. None of these questions are addressed in any canon or official source that I know of.

Gene was also concerned that the dialogue should not be too specific about when the show was set, in case the technology seen proved too ambitious or not ambitious enough for a stated year.Kirk's opening log entry states that it is Stardate 1329.8 and that the ship is in pursuit of another vessel.Yet after the second vessel's occupants have been captured and brought on board, Kirk's next log entry indicates that it is now Stardate 1329.1. In my humble opinion, any attempt to make TOS Stardates work in any logical way is doomed to failure.I have seen some valiant efforts to come up with a workable way to interpret TOS dating systems.For instance, it has been suggested that the dates are unique to the logs of the ships making them and measure mission duration, with the first two digits representing the number of months which have passed since the ship embarked on its mission.

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