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After the first meeting, she captured my heart fully.

Now I am the happiest woman in the world, I have a wonderful husband, a reliable family and now I live in Australia.As someone whose default fears in virtually every situation are that I'll be murdered or sold into the sex trade, traveling with a sugar daddy seemed like a horrible idea . So with a push from my mom (of all people) and sister, I agreed to give it a go, sex trades be damned. Not only was my travel date — we'll call him Josh — far from the 50-year-old in Boca I'd feared, but he was also a natural-born Instagram husband and down to keep things strictly platonic. Though I'd already spoken with Josh here and there, the socially anxious side of me was heavy breathing over my daiquiri. He was cheerful, exceptionally friendly, and happy to pass chunks of time silently scrolling through his phone.And about a month later, I was boarding a flight to San Francisco and preparing to spend two days on the Golden Coast with a stranger. Full disclosure: the PR firm covered both of our expenses (including separate hotel rooms), and I'd had a chance to chat with Josh in advance, so I knew from the get-go there was zero pressure to "earn my keep," so to speak. Admittedly, our travel styles were fairly different (I'm more of a "let's wander down side streets and nap in the park!I fall in love with her immediately; she is even more beautiful in reality.I was not sure about her feelings, but after I left Ukraine, we stayed in contacts and in few months she visited me in America.

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Since the beginning our club took the policy of honesty, maybe even sometimes shocking for man, as the man after checking ladies profiles will understand what type, age and so on of man lady is looking for.