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Words use when dating a girl

One easy way to come across as confident and dominant is to LEAN BACK when you talk to a woman.Come across as slightly interested will make you come across as non-needy – which is essential for you to make women like you.It seems that, in the battle of the sexes, it’s the men that are valuing more cerebral qualities than the women in 2016.

Our investigation proved that men shouldn’t feel the need to conceal their softer sides, profiles that included ‘affectionate’ and ‘generous’ saw an uplift in responses of over 20% – ‘warm’ and ‘genuine’ had a similarly positive effect.It is estimated that up to 93% of communications occur in the form of body language.Therefore, it is essential for you to master body language skills.So, which words will make your online dating profile a success?Perceptive scores high for the both sexes, as the second most desirable descriptor, while women who describe themselves as sweet, hard-working and thoughtful and men who deem themselves spontaneous, outgoing and optimistic also score high.

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There are also a few surprises on the list; we might all think we want partners who are happy, romantic and funny but these are all among the least desirable words in online dating profiles – especially when used by men.

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  1. While it may be exciting for you, it isn’t fair to start a relationship with someone new when you aren’t yet settled in your new “single” mindset.

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