Who is r kelly dating now 2016

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Who is r kelly dating now 2016

Nothing out of the ordinary, until age enters the equation.

Kelly is 49 while Calhoun is reportedly only 19, per Dallas Black. Kelly is reportedly wining and dining a 19-year-old BLASIAN, (or “Blackanese” if you will), girl named Halle. Kelly while attending his concert in North Carolina. As far as substantiating the rumors goes, the only alleged proof would be references to Calhoun reportedly attending the North Carolina show and another Kelly performance this past weekend in Atlanta.

She tweeted: “What, exactly could a 25 y/o man want with a 15 y/o girl other than to exploit her, control her, and feel a false sense of power? Kelly to his black fan base: ‘We as a culture have to support each other’ Jones’ question is one we should ask ourselves each time we see a case like R.

Kelly and his new main squeeze Halle Calhoun were spotted hitting the party scene in Atlanta amid alleged rumors that he wants to marry the 19-year-old. Peep their party pics and sip some hot tea on his supposed “harem of women” inside… Kelly and his new rumored girlfriend Halle Calhoun hit the party scene in Atlanta last night.

Dozens of women have alleged Kelly sexually abused them. Nothing has stopped the music and he isn’t the first to do it.At this point, why should R&B’s ‘Pied Piper’ be worried?Kells has dated younger women before – hell, he married the late Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27.Kelly and Calhoun first met in February when she and her mother attended one of his concerts.She had the opportunity to visit the singer backstage, and the two have stayed in touch since.

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The definition of consent is “permission for something to happen.” And “consent” from a child is really no consent at all. But when it comes to our own blocks, neighborhoods and impressionable young people — maybe it’s time to stop staring, laughing and staying quiet.