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Who is makenzie vega dating

They were engaged for one year before the wedding and then were divorced less than two years later.

[Just Jared Jr.]Bella Thorne’s working on a sequel to her first novel!

She was born in an American family, which consists of her parents and her elder sister.

Her father is a Colombian and her mother is a former American model and her sisters Alexa Vega and Krizia Vega is an actress as well.

My wife is the first person I've ever met that not only helps me be the best version of myself but manages to make everyone around her feel valued and loved.

I've never known so much love, kindness and laughter.

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I am truly blessed to have you as my partner in crime for life. Their bond seems unbreakable and to be honest, it's kind of special that these two kept the news out of the media for several weeks.