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We’re loving the deep coral colour of this shirt which flatters Anthea’s skintone perfectly; meanwhile the asymmetric necktie is a nice detail.

We reckon it would make a great addition to our workwear wardrobes for SS16!

While taping for his Showtime stand-up special, Cannon joked that he was losing his “black card” because of .

The implication was that Cannon felt somehow controlled or censored by the expectations of the network hosting gig.

The parade travels down Eastern Parkway every year, celebrating the history and importance of the Caribbean culture through music, dancing, and delicious food.

Kreesha Turner gives a tour behind the scenes at Boom Mas Camp, where the gorgeous costumes for the parade are made.

NBC allegedly believed that the joke “disparaged their brand,” and may have even gone so far as to threaten Cannon with termination.

So the host of the wildly popular summer talent competition quit instead.

She posted on her website: 'The most annoying thing about tabloid rumours is the double standard.Whether it’s in the classic reboot at MTV and working on new music.One of Cannon’s many passions recently led him to Kingston, Jamaica, where he was inspired by the local dancehall scene.Believing that this story had yet to reach a mainstream audience, Cannon wrote, directed, executive produced, and starred in a musical drama called , premiering on You Tube Red on Aug. Naturally, when Nick Cannon single-handedly wills a dancehall drama into being, that film also happens to star Whoopi Goldberg, Busta Rhymes, Louis Gossett Jr., and Kreesha Turner (and it shoots on location in Jamaica).Arguably, it was Cannon’s insistence on juggling multiple careers and personas that landed him in hot water earlier this year.

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“There is no amount of money worth my dignity or my integrity,” Cannon wrote in a subsequent Facebook post.

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  1. The beaches are amazing, the waves are massive and I thought we had a really good gig there as well. I've never been to Perth but lots of foreigners who visit there – musicians in particular – seem to love it. But, you know, something that really struck me about Australia was the breakfasts.