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A disarming degree of self-awareness and acceptance of the circumstances of his life and his role in it at that moment, that I think the most complex among us wish we had. I recently received a Google alert about a little firestorm that resulted on a blog, about me having said that LA attacks my self-esteem in an interview. Well, when you go snooping around on the Internet to find out what people are saying about you, you better gird your loins so to speak, because a lot of it is going to be complimentary, gracious and kind, and some of it will be indifferent (the worst! Well, my instinct is to engage the criticism and the conversation --surprising to fans sometimes, they don't think it's me at first.

I think it's interesting to ask about the rejection you face, as an actor, along with the criticism that you get for the work you do -which you've hinted at- how do you approach and handle it? To paraphrase a great singer on singing: Handling rejection is never easy; it becomes possible! Early on, a lot of it was because of my looks, specifically my body.... Well, I was pulled into seeing what the comments were... But I usually have a very strong reason for the choices I make and I don't mind --not defending them exactly-- but explaining them.

I don't really care how much the latest superhero film took at the box office, although I'd probably know if you asked me.

When I watch a film the main thing I am looking for is a good story.

He has been working consistently as a screen actor for over thirty years, and when you get to know him, it's obvious to see why.I like it when I look up at the big screen and can see a part of me staring back at me.More than anything, I am still looking for Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder in every film I see.The level of passion and commitment he has for his work is rare and inspiring.I hope you have the time to read the whole interview, because his views on creativity, rejection, and criticism are poignant.

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That's why I love reading about the Impressionist's period in French art.... I received one of the highest compliments of my career walking in LA shortly after completing my Douglas Cummings stint on 'As The World Turns': a teacher from the Strasberg Institute stopped me and said, "We just used you, today, as an example of how The Work can be done anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances".