When to remove your online dating profile

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When to remove your online dating profile

Prompted by this thread, though I've been pondering starting a thread on this for a while. (I'm specifically excluding relationships that are acknowledged by both parties to be non-exclusive) I waited a really long time, but I think that's just because I'm a space cadet.One of the new issues that comes from the popularity of online dating is the question of when you should take your profile down and the meanings and implications of doing so. I've been in a steady relationship since December, but just hadn't bothered taking down my OKCupid profile because...well, I have no good reason, honestly.

I assume that they are trying to make friends--something many people on dating sites seem to forget is an option.

Deleting your account is permanent, and deleted accounts cannot be reinstated.

Please note that any upgrades or subscriptions cannot be transferred to a new account.

I just got married July 20, and deleted all my online dating profiles about a week ago when I got an email from e Harmony that a guy I had sent questions to in Feb of 2008 had responded to them. That prompted me to delete it and go check other sites I had profiles on and make sure they were deleted as well.

That reminds me of a guy who wrote to me a couple of years after I wrote to him.

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I remember I did change my status to "in a relationship" at some point (years ago, even prior to my current relationship). I'm the one who started the original thread that prompted Green Bean to start this one.

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