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Validating forum mask

I validate if those fields are really IP address using regex, however I need to verify also if the given IP address is valid based on given netmask.I am willing to do it with binary operations but I couldn't manage a way to get it right. When I try to validate a date, it will either accept the manual date, or the calendar date but never both. ) (or prevent them from typing anything other than dd/mm/yyyy) ('ve tried regular expressions but it does not accept the value from the calendar) Thanks hopefully!

There is where I was heading - to find what code was running in the invalid data condition...However, you can set another validation rule for such input using the property.Then the specified validation rule will be applied instead of the generated one.Is there a way to stop people filling in date fields manually?since there is a calendar, there not only is no need for manual entry but it also avoids input error.. either to validate both the calendar date & manual entry (entered in dd/mm/yyyy) Or to prevent users from typing inside the date field (& use the calendar!

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