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Validating a measure of teacher technology integration

More than 1,100 seventh through ninth grade science students validated the instrument, revealing eight scales: technological enrichment, inquiry learning, equity and friendliness, student cohesiveness, understanding and encouragement, competition and efficacy, audiovisual environment, and order, with alpha reliabilities ranging between 0.69 and 0.91 (0.93 for the entire questionnaire).In measuring actual and preferred learning environments, TICI results indicated that both students and teachers ranked equity and friendliness highest.Powering these devices autonomously is critical with requirements for long life, high reliability, high energy density, and safety placed on the energy source.In this presentation, a comparative review of available energy sources will be given, including conventional batteries, supercapacitors, and solid state batteries (including our product roadmap of small footprint solid state batteries).

His research areas are biomedical microrobots for targeted therapeutics, MEMS-based devices for biomedical applications, especially piezoelectric devices such as piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducers (p MUT) and artificial cochlea using piezoelectric sensors.

Interestingly, outcome expectations scores did not make a statistically significant contribution to predicting pre-service teachers' intention to use technology in the US sample.

Given this study's findings, it is important to consider differences in technology integration intentions that exist in different countries, when conducting empirical research on teacher perceptions of using technology for teaching and learning.

Micro-acoustic sensors and microelectrode arrays are the key enabling technologies to overcome the limitations of current CIs.

Biomimetic artificial basilar membranes are acoustic sensors to mimic the function of the cochlea.

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In contrast, the TTIS attempts to measure teacher technology integration, which encompasses risk-taking behaviors and comfort with technology; perceived benefits of using classroom technology; beliefs and behaviors about classroom technology use; technology support and access; teacher technology use for communication, instruction and instructional support purposes; and facilitation of student technology use. Results indicate that the TTIS provides a reliable and multi-dimensional measure of teacher technology integration.

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