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And if you are seriously eco-conscious, you're probably not inclined to buy mass-produced clothing from polluting factories in far away places.

The most frugal and green among us keep their clothes for a long time, only buy what they need when they need it, and often select their "new" clothes from thrift shops and second-hand sales.

This works particularly well if you want to sport your initial or monogram.

Extra fabric was used for the front gathers in this re-do.

Find out how to make one for yourself at Grosgrain Enhance the elbows with pretty fabric.

with the cardi right side out, I folded the sleeve up until the end of the cuff & the fold read 3 inches. I’ve seen some tutorials online use this same technique for hemming denim.

I pinned my fold in place & sewed along the hemmed line. It’s a pretty quick way to shorten something & keep it looking professional. These proportions look so much better in my opinion. For outfit details & info, check out the fashion blog.

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I don’t really own a lot of items like this, but I love it!

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