Updating storm

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Updating storm

The more interesting decision is what to do with the last three maindeck slots.For this, we need to look at the current Legacy format to see what has changed. Before the Eldrazi came, we had all that horrible freedom and spent our days pursuing our own selfish interests. Oklahoma Traveler™ is a registered trademark of Griffin Communications. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.

It is also relevant that the Eldrazi creatures are great for applying pressure, since that is what you want to do with Unfortunately for Storm, Eldrazi is a very poor matchup on paper.

And while I may be known for playing Elves, I have a new main squeeze in Legacy that I am just dying to sleeve up again: Storm.

Tendrils of Agony and I saw each other, I was taking five minutes to resolve a Brainstorm and still not resolving it correctly.

Since linear decks are more like machines, ensuring that each cog is functioning properly is essential for maximum efficiency.

Personally, I like making the most important decisions before the tournament begins, when I have more time to be thorough.

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