Updating clob data

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In the inline method, data rows sent across the Teradata PT data stream must contain both non-LOB and LOB data.

With plain SQL it is not allowed to select, insert or update a LOB on the remote system.

The file handler is “EXAMPLE_LOB_DIR” and the directory is “/directory/to/filter.xml”. Update Column In Database Now that we have the file handler, we’ll use the chunk of SQL Syntax below, to read the XML File into a SQL UPDATE statement, which updates DATA(column) in the CONFIG(table) with data in the dest_clob(xml file).

DECLARE dest_clob CLOB; src_clob BFILE := BFILENAME(‘EXAMPLE_LOB_DIR’, ‘filter.xml’); dst_offset number := 1 ; src_offset number := 1 ; lang_ctx number := DBMS_LOB.

An entry that consists exclusively of wild cards might degrade the performance of the database when you perform a schema pull.

(It will include system catalog files from the data source not typically included in user databases.)Consider whether you will choose to perform a schema pull that consists only of wild cards.

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Depending on how the LOB columns are defined in the Teradata PT schema, Teradata PT uses one of the following two methods to load LOB data into, or extract LOB data from, the Teradata Database: When loading LOB data, the SQL Inserter operator can employ both methods (inline and deferred) simultaneously to insert LOB columns into a Teradata table.