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Posted by / 15-Mar-2017 05:24

Scroll through it until you see Software Update, then select this entry and tap Delete Update. If you want to try out the latest releases before anyone else, you have to sign up for the Apple Public Beta service on each device you want to use.

This will get you the latest version of i OS before other people, but there will still be bugs, so it’s not for everyone.

Reset your Network Settings Sometimes a network issue can cause the problem, but you can reset these settings easily.

Thankfully, this is a bug that has appeared on many i OS updates in the past and as such, we know a handy fix.

This simple solution is the same as the error message we received in i OS 10, i OS 9.3 and below.

Go to Settings | General | Storage & i Cloud Usage.

Tap Manage Storage and wait for the list to be populated.

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Both are handled a little bit differently, but the issue is the same.