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(Alice Li, Victoria Walker/The Washington Post) Earlier this year, Taiwan underwent another peaceful transition of power, and for the first time a pro-Taiwan coalition took both the presidency and legislature.

Instead, it has provided an opening, however fraught and imperfect, for a much-needed reconsideration of an unhealthy and anachronistic policy.It's fair to say that negotiations over a controversial infrastructure shakeup in Taiwan are not going so well.For the second day in a row a mass brawl broke out in parliament as tempers boiled over.However, the anxious reaction of the American media and foreign policy establishment to the Dec.2 phone call between Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and President-elect Trump is also at odds with American values of human rights, freedom and democracy.

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Premier Lin Chuan was prevented from delivering his report on the budget yesterday after a water balloon was thrown towards him and he left the chamber, with the session called to a halt.

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