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"Maybe I'll go upstairs, find your mom, throw her a few bills, and give that perfect ass the pounding it really needs. Their strip poker games usually ended in a long night of fun for everyone involved...especially the two girls. " Amy teased as she dealt the turn (the fourth community card). But seeing his mother in this state was stirring a lot of feelings in him that he hadn't felt before. The fifth hand was unique for all the players at the table. Steve smiled at his Mom as he set his cards down on the table. From about the seventh grade on, those remarks were usually sexually laced. "Who the fuck needs a gold bracelet when you can get your dick sucked?! " Steve yelled as he karate chopped the air with his hand before delivering a kick to the middle of the room. "I could cash in next month" Steve announced to the room as he made his way back to the table.We all know how long shes been single for..." Steve stopped thrusting as he watched Dan get out of his chair. "Mostly the frats, sometimes with the football team, and occasionally if we were feeling team" Amy boastfully told them. She couldn't believe that her friend was telling their sons about their wild college days. " "Come on Beth" Amy said to her friend as she grab her by the arm and pulled her to the kitchen table. "Oh you have no idea..." Beth said under her breath as she turned her head to see the devilish grin that was on her friend's face. Amy beat Dan on the next hand much to her enjoyment. " she hollered as her son's friend raised his t-shirt over his head. " she laughed as she leaned over the table and felt her son's friend's bulging biceps. " Beth heard her friend ask as Amy sat back down in her chair. The tension was building as nobody had folded after the flop. Watching him in a position of panic, knowing that he was about to lose, gave Beth a surprising amount of pleasure. " Amy shook her head and quietly laughed as she watched her son celebrate. "I can't believe he pulled a king out of his ass..." Beth said, still staring down at the table. Beth ran her hand through her hair as she looked at her friend's son. "Or I could cash in next week" he continued as he walked behind Beth and leaned into her ear to whisper.She made food for the boys, served them drinks, and even cleaned up the mess they made after everyone was gone. The hand has to be fully completed for there to be a winner. "Me sitting here fully clothed and you about to be completely naked." "That confident? "Apparently you boys like to play for big money" Beth said as she placed her cards down on the table and looked into Steve's eyes. Beth didn't flinch as she continued to stare at Steve with a deadpan look on her face. He turned to his friend who raised his eyebrows at him. It was only November so that meant at least five months of shoveling. Beth met it with hers as the two agreed on the deal with a handshake.She definitely deserved something for putting up with all of their shit. " The boys quickly took their seats at the table, each sitting across from their own mother as Amy reached out and grabbed the pack of cards from her son. Losing hand has to remove a piece of clothing" Amy announced as she shuffled the deck. "It's a shame we can't raise the stakes a little higher than a single piece of clothing." "Fortunately for you Mrs. But on the other hand, how often does an opportunity like this come along? "Thank goodness for all those muscles because you're going to be needing them pretty soon" Beth smiled as she turned over her cards.You see I was a little shy back then and really didn't have any friends to speak off. So I lied and just said, "Fine." Her look told me she wasn't buying it. I needed to make small talk first and then slowly work my way into asking her out. I really am shy talking to people." "You need to get over that if you want to succeed. You can start by apologizing for acting like a buffoon the other day. Mom had apparently been looking at some kind of porn.

His car was currently in the shop getting new brakes, so he knew that some of this money was going towards that. "You're too honest for a game like poker" he smiled. Her pair of Aces beat both Beth's pair of Jacks and Dan's pair of 7s. "Fuckin' dick" Dan muttered under his breath at his friend as he stood up to unzip his jeans. "I'm up first this hand..." she announced as she took a quick peek at her pocket cards."Grab the back of her head like this" Dan told him as he reached his left hand out in the air, "and give that fat ass a few whacks before I unload on it" he continued as he pretended to slap his friend's mom's butt. "Well what do you know..." Steve said as he pulled a deck of cards out of his back pocket and held them up for Beth to see. Amy dealt everyone at the table two cards face down before laying the flop (three community cards that face up) down on the middle of the table. "It does now..." Beth responded, looking at her jock son sitting across the table without his shirt. This was the first hand to have more than two participants playing this far into it. As Amy reached for the fifth and final card, Beth's smile widened. She turned to look at her friend who wasn't doing quite as well. "Send her on that next date walking with a bit of a limp" he laughed. Showing on the table was a 10, a jack, and a king . She was planning on folding every hand to avoid being caught up in this non-sense, but for some reason she decided to take a quick peek at her pocket cards and realized that she was holding an ace/king combo. Dan beat Amy in hand number three resulting in Amy losing her shirt. As the fourth card was placed on the table, Dan looked around the room to see if he could find a tell. She could now see beads of sweat running down Steve's face. Even though I was fully aware of my backwardness when it came to girls, I found myself wanting to risk it and take a chance. Walking into the living room, I noticed Mom was at her... Mom pulled away, buttoning up her pants and noticed my eyes and replied, "Sorry you have seen that.So on this particular day, that I'll never forget, I built up enough courage to approach her. My mind was so far out of it that when I walked through the house, I didn't even hear my mom call my name as I walked passed her heading towards my bedroom. Well the only computer, working as usual and this time I actually heard her speak. The number of websites and information blew my mind. I didn't expect you to come home this early." "It's fine mom." I said with a smile.

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A few years ago the two decided to become gym partners to help keep each other motivated to lose weight after their divorces. The fact that both moms could pass for 30 only proved that. "That's over" Beth told her with a frustrated look.

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