Stop parallels for mac from updating

Posted by / 23-Feb-2017 02:23

It’s worth waiting for this to complete if it means your library will be healthy again, I think.

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In this article we will look at Apple's statement about why it is ending development of its professional and consumer photo apps, we will ask what this means to Apple's professional users, not just photographers, but also those who use Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, and we will look at alternatives to i Photo and Aperture.

Read: How to set up Photos for OS X, tips for using Photos for Mac Apple's issued the following statement regarding killing Aperture and i Photo: At the end of June Apple released a statement saying that: "With the introduction of the new Photos app and i Cloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in i Cloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture.

You can check on its progress by clicking on Photos Preferences from the menus at the top… When I performed a repair on my Photos library while testing for this tip, the “Updating” process took a couple of days for my collection of about 10,000 pictures.

Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on the size of your own library and other factors like your network speed, but hey!

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