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When adding Preferred Connection tick "Important DB Alert", specify alert message and color.

Whenever current connection changes to this particular connection a floating pop-up will remind you that you are working with important database.

Versions comparison page gives you a short overview about the differences between both versions.

SSMSBoost was released to the public in 2012 and was adopted since then by more than 40 000 registered users from more than 15 000 companies around the world.

Connections can be managed in SSMSBoost Settings- Once you have defined the list of your preferred connections, they will be displayed in Quick connection switch drop-down on the toolbar, which allows you to switch connections instantly.

Note, that in Free Community Edition the number of preferred connections is limited by 2.

If SSMS starts with empty environment you can choose any connection from Quick Connection switch drop-down to create an empty document with appropriate connection.

You will find fine-tuning settings of quick connection switch drop-down under SSMSBoost Settings- Native Sql Server Management Studio connection dialog allows you to choose the color of the status bar, when initiating new connecting to the database, however, this color remains permanent even if your connection changes.

Just hit the button on the toolbar and current Server/Database will be focused in Object Explorer.

Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-F2] An often need is to know more information about object under the cursor: its columns, parameters (for function or procedure), other properties.

If a database has hundreds of objects, locating an object in the Object Explorer can take some time. Just place the cursor on the identifier and SSMSBoost performs search for valid identifiers at cursor location and allows you to select, which one you want to locate.

Just to mention some of them: If you have to deal with several servers on daily basis - this functionality is for you.

Preferred connections allow you to remember your favorite servers/databases and pre-configure several options.

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SSMSBoost plug-in solves this problem by adding a tool what you need: Script object located at the cursor position to a new window.