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The best way to discover the delights of Live Video Chat is to try it!

One of the most popular options of Asian Singles2Day online services is 2-way Live Video Chat which allows you to see live video of your lady while you both chat.

The Live Video of the lady will start transmitting instantly after the lady accepts your invitation, enters the chat and lets her video start to play for you.

When do I get charged if a lady invites me to a Live Chat?

When the lady replies and invites you to a Live Chat, you will be charged from the moment you accept her offer to chat which is done by clicking button on the pop-up window. 1 minute of Live Chat costs 1 credit Examples: Chatting time of 4 minutes = 4 credits Chatting time of 10 minutes = 10 credits Chatting time of 15 minutes = 15 credits and etc. To finish your Live Chat, simply click the button in the Live Chat window, or just close it and your conversation will be over.

Now, as well as exchanging messages in Live Chat, youll also be able to see your future brides face, smile and response to you.

This new possibility will enliven your online communication with fresh, natural and bright emotions that you can easily exchange in a private atmosphere! To start a Live Video Chat with your lady, make sure there is a video icon in the upper left corner of her profile picture.

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The girls invitation is in the bottom right corner of the Asian Singles2Day web page. Sign up today at Asian Singles2and quickly discover the amazing world of Live Chat!

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