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‘But I didn’t expect to pay £32 for a room-service hamburger,’ he splutters.

‘Down in the street market where we were filming a dance sequence I came across fake Vans sneakers for £58, on a stall next to a woman killing chickens with her bare hands.’A one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs £7,500 a month to rent. Ana Cristiana Pinto, an attractive 23-year-old who was sent out of the country for her education, as were many Angolans during the long and bloody civil war, explains: ‘For many years we had nothing here. This helps explain how a pair of Puma trainers can cost £185 and why the room-service spaghetti bolognese in our hotel restaurant is £32.

On the Ilha, a natural sandbank washed by the South Atlantic, the potential is there to see.

It could be Copacabana with its surfing possibilities and its vista across the bay to the city lights in the distance.‘Never go in there,’ warns our driver.

Few dare speak out in this police-dominated, corrupt state, with its hobbled press and its brutal crackdowns on public protests.

The top layer of people here are living high, earning well and paying huge prices for their homes and their lifestyle.A pizza is £16, tomatoes sell for £7.33 per pound and gym membership will set them back a staggering £5,000 a year. Around the corner, lies a tiny boutique with a new consignment of Pepe jeans.An IT executive from BP is buying a pair for £192, twice the price in London.‘It’s a fashion choice, and besides it gets very dusty in this city,’ he tells me.But this is an oil-rich country that looks forward to a predicted 12 per cent growth in its economy this year.While major powers lick their wounds over collapsing markets, Angola strides forward at breakneck speed, confident of double-digit growth for years to come.

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