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She turns to Juliette for advice and shocks Luke with the results. Luke’s brand manager (or whatever), who keeps talking about the Luke Wheeler Experience (which sounds like the worst Disney ride ever). And now, suddenly, he’s joining Scarlett in Mississippi to help clean out Bev’s house? ”), and it was even better that Deacon finally apologized and acknowledged that Scarlett did the right thing, but I do have one more question: How was Bev heating up a microwave dinner on Christmas alone part of Deacon’s memory of her? Elsewhere, Luke is about to debut Will Lexington’s song on the tour, so everyone comes to the show: Will, Kevin, horndog Gunnar, Maddie, and Colt.

I always thought that Luke “graciously” offering to perform Will’s songs — right after dumping him from his label for being too gay for the Luke Wheeler Experience — was kind of a dick move, and I’m glad Will finally sees it that way, too. But then Layla comes to her senses, sees Rayna as the maternal figure she truly is, and they sing about Layla’s complicated, addictive feelings for Jeff Fordham. I was actually surprised when Markus Keen uttered the phrase, “How’s the baby?

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Emily and Avery wouldn’t do that to me.” (At which point her hanger-on chimes in with, “I was reading this article about body language.

His character was given a backstory and a purpose and actually feels organic to the action. Anyway, last night’s show was weird because lots of things I wanted to see happen (Scarlett tells Deacon off! Why, for example, does Juliette suddenly flush her pills down the toilet? How does she go from calling Emily “a gold-digging, backstabbing whore” (I’m going to try to work that quote into every recap from now on) to saying, “What was I thinking?

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Basically, Markus wants a producer who worships him — and also who doesn’t actually produce. Then we have another one of our “why did that character do that? When Avery comes home after being fired by Markus, he has a little tantrum, and Emily says, “Is this about Markus or Juliette?