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Our attorneys are former prosecutors in both Westchester County and New York City.Our experience defending sex offenses and other criminal offenses gives us invaluable insight into how a sex offense is prosecuted from the complaint, to investigation and ultimately to the filing of charges.Some of the most common types of sex offenses include: Importantly, these offenses require registration as a sex offender after a conviction.If you are convicted for a sex offense the court, after a hearing, will determine the risk level of the offender for committing another sex offense and harm to the community.If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a sex crime (also called sex offense) in New York, you need a lawyer immediately.

We advise our clients to get past the embarrassment, fear and outrage of the crime to focus on the best criminal defense.We believe that everyone who is accused of a crime must be vigorously defended.If you learn you are the target of a sex offense investigation call our office immediately, as early intervention is important.In adult situations consent is always investigated as a potential defense to the charge.All of these circumstances must be explored and pursued by your defense attorney.

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Being charged with a sex offense in New York is devastating it threatens a person's reputation, career, family and freedom.