Sex chat female skype id

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Sex chat female skype id

Joanna, love -Al “I had a session with Joanna in August and believe me it was every bit worth the time and money. I met her a year before on her last trip to Philly and she was amazing. I’m far from in perfect shape but I take care of myself…if you do that you will have all the fun your mind desires.She never watches the clock and is all about pleasing. My experience was everything I always wanted it to be from a female bodybuilder…and more. Joanna gives it her all, whether it’s worship or massage.Old friends you know who you are on both sides of the atlantic PLEASE EMAIL ME PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH, I MISS MANY OF YOU VERY VERY MUCH, I am smiling thinking about you ..;) MERRY XMAS EVERYONE 2014 IS A NEW START FOR ALL OF US, BUT OUR FRIENDSHIP NEVER CHANGES. ALL MY LOVE , ENJOY MY SITE AND MY LEGACY TO YOU THE ONE AND ONLY JOANNA THOMAS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear FRIENDS, I WILL BE IN NYC FROM TOMORROW 28TH MONDAY TO THE 1ST NOVEMBER FRIDAY.I’m looking for lots fun and a great time, with clients old and new.HOWEVER WHEN YOU ACTUALLY CALL ME OR EMAIL ME AND WE AGREE TO AN APPOINTMENT then you don’t show to some of the worst excuses IF I got one is bullshit, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THAT DOES TO ME? what upset me the most is before I tour I have a diary with all my appointments written down and I decide if it’s the right thing to do based on if I’m going to make any profit, the reason is on tour you cannot train or eat properly and if any of you travel it is very tiresome.

NOW LOOK I’m not some fool running around the country to make nothing money wise as a profit in return, this is HOW I LIVE, now you don’t have to see me, I know I’m not for everyone and that’s okay.

my whole point to this blog to night is for anyone out there to try to understand a day in my shoes, I’m a good gal I feed the homeless, i feed the ducks Christ i try to help anyone if I can and I always believed in karma.

The reason I am thinking to go home is due to my health, i’ts not something I try to talk too much about but I have problems with my health due to the bodybuilding lifestyle I began at such a young age, I’m the youngest to ever turn pro in the world in the history of this whole sport ( in the cat of women’s body building) I was just turning 21, I began lifting heavy at 15 yrs old, and taking special suppliment’s at 19 yrs old, it did not seem a choice for me at that time it was just part of it and so i did what it took like everyone else did but not until I was in 2004 did I venture deeper into the abiss.

I’m glad I’m more real and honest then most in this biz, I think you will all respect me more for doing so.

I’m perfect for newbies for apts /sessions as I am so down to earth, funny and open, and I love to please guys, what i say here as I’ve said before is my sounding board my diary for you all to see, but I ask you in nyc and others I really need your help to save to go home so i can live a long life with my family, if youd like to help me please email me at [email protected] call me at 9 but no BS or cons I have had that happen almost daily half the so called new fans need a kick up the ass, a bloody education and some respect for a lady even tho she works 😉 I respect you, you at least know who I am and don’t question a rate that has been around for 15yrs.

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