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Sci fi speed dating denver comic con

Once the safety procedures are outlined, the show goes on.

Without going into any detail, I can say that the procedures are thoughtfully developed with attendee safety as their number one priority and I applaud them for doing so. It’s a surreal event to see Tracer from Overwatch talking to Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. There seems to be a stigma associated with speed dating, that it is somehow a bad thing for people who have a hard time meeting others to get together in a format like this and try and make a connection. At least that’s what showrunner Ryan Glitch wants people to know. Most if not all are in cosplay in one form or another. It’s actually kind of liberating in this environment.Imagine a room full 140 people all looking to meet someone that they can connect with. As a married geek observing this from the outside, I appreciate the struggles we have in modern day society, especially when it comes to relationships.Here’s the caveat, you only have 3 minutes to make that all important first impression before you move on and get to try all over again. It’s hard to open up to someone new, especially when you don’t know if you have anything in common, ie: Blind Dates…those are the worst, am I right?

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by Kevin Mc Peek Memorial Day weekend was home to the ever growing 5th Annual Denver Comic Con, which stands out for its Non-Profit organization, Pop Culture Classroom that uses comic books and other aspects of pop culture to engage kids in literacy and education.

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