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Posted by / 10-Nov-2017 14:44

R3 is not a service pack – it is an addon that brings additional functionality.

R3 includes all of the features of R2 and requires that SCCM 2007 SP2 be installed because the SP2 version of the SCCM client has the needed functionality for R3.

If you choose to have the package created automatically it will be similar to what I have below. During installation R3 will add some inventory classes to the SMS_DEF. The R3 inventory changes are an addition to the MOF files rather than an overwrite of the MOF files as we have seen with service packs so there really shouldn’t be a need to backup your MOF’s first – but it’s always a good idea just to be safe. MOF after R3 is installed you will see the specific sections that are added – just search for PWR. There are two – the power management client agent and the collection specific power settings.

Note also that there is the ability to configure a wakeup time for systems in this collection.

Our XP test system also has applied the SCCM power settings but notice that with XP the user has no ability to change the settings.

Also notice that in XP the SCCM options show up as customized. Check compliance and report savings R3 power management includes a good number of reports that help track through these phases.

So what happens if a system is in this no policy collection and another collection with power policy?

First, that shouldn’t happen if you configure your collections properly but if it does the ‘never’ policy will supersede any configured power policy so the system won’t have any power management applied to it.

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If we right-click on any collection we can set power policy for the collection. Notice the power management setting – in my no power policy collection I first enable power management settings and explicitly configure to never apply power management to systems in the collection.