Sara quin dating 2016

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“So many questions feel like they infantilise us: ‘Do you live together? ’ No, we f**king do not,” says Sara, the younger by eight minutes.

But after so long in the public eye, they’re understandably frustrated with being asked the same things about life as identical twins.

The day before we meet, Tegan started complaining that her right ring finger was hurting. They sit helpfully left-to-right in the order their names are written on their album sleeves, though it’s not so hard to tell the difference in the flesh.Orlando has added a sharp stab of darkness to an otherwise largely positive conversation about gay progress in recent years.I have the space to edge relatively sensitively towards the subject over the course of an hour but they’re blackly amused by the way others have approached it.What people write is more thoughtful, and I think that mirrors what’s happening in the world.” 'I’ll be honest.If I were just straight as a musician, maybe I wouldn’t feel as though my life has as much meaning.

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