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An important figure in Roman society, Hadrian was made Emperor when Emperor Trajan died childless in AD117.

The emperor is best known for building walls around his colossal empire, including Hadrian's wall in Carlisle.

A: The latest version runs on i OS 3.1.3 and later (including i OS 3.2, 4.x, and 5.x).

Moon Phase runs on i Phones, i Pod Touches and i Pads of all hardware versions.

Though swiping through Tinder is an effective way to end -- or at least try to end -- your dry spell, it's not exactly the most safe app out there.

It's also much harder to use these sites without paying for their subscription service.

We may be single, but we're not desperate enough -- -- to pay a monthly fee to end our Single Lady Syndrome.

You can override the time zone offset from the Location Tab. Q: What does the Fast Forward to Clock icon on the Date selector mean? A: Well, it’s happening and you may be interested in knowing more about it, travelling to see it, etc.

A: Starting with Version 1.4, the time zone used defaults to your i Phone’s/i Pod touch’s time zone. A: Scroll back over 30 days and then Fast Forward to the next New or Full Moon. A: To set your location manually, tap the blue Detail disclosure button on the Location you want to change (or create a new one). Don’t forget to set the correct time zone for your custom location. A: With Version 1.3 onward, Azimuth is measured in degrees East from North. Q: Wait, what *is* Azimuth, and all those other terms on the Ephemeris page? Here are some *basic* explanations and links in wikipedia for more detail. Q: Does the eclipse indicator mean that I will see an eclipse? It depends on what kind of eclipse it is, and if solar, how it projects across the Earth, and the weather. Q: If I can’t see the eclipse, why tell me about it? A: The werewolf warning sounds under these conditions: You can test the howl by jumping to a full moon day (either by changing date or double tapping on the full moon date in the calendar).

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For example, the last minute of the year 1995 was 61 seconds long, thanks to an added leap second.