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Role play chat bots cyber sex

It ran on a VAX/VMS mainframe (to be precise, the machine: ) that Computer Science students and staff at UCD shared.To talk to my program, the students would specify the path of the program and run it.This paper is an explanation of a historical event, but it has implications for the future of Turing Test experiments on the Internet, and indeed for the future of AI in general on the Internet.

The conversations this program had can be seen - depending on how one defines the rules (and how seriously one takes the idea of the test itself) - as a passing of the Turing Test.Clearly, this program would not perform to its best under these circumstances. expected to talk to me and not a program, they knew me, and so would know these were not my replies.To really test the program, it was necessary (a) to introduce surprise, and (b) for it to talk to strangers.This means the therapist does not have to engage in any detail with the actual content of the patient's problems. This is obviously ideal for a computer program, which can attempt to carry on a conversation without having to understand anything the human says at all.Weizenbaum's trick remains one of the classic tricks for building a chatbot.

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My program was deliberately designed to have an unpredictable (and slightly scary) mood.

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