Rate our time dating site

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Rate our time dating site

When dating online, keep your eyes open, don’t spill out your life story and never reveal your personal information. Not only are we having difficulty finding the right romantic partner, but now there are so many online dating sites we’re not sure which one to use to help us find that partn In a nutshell the site just plain SUCKS! Like every other "dating" site there is NO way to filter by race, weight, or other critical, personal requirements. They constantly send you "matches" that you wouldn't date if someone paid you to go out with them! The women on it (if they are indeed real) refuse to communicate with you even when THEY throw you a "flirt" or 'like". I guess someone at Our Time thinks we aren't capable of communicating without them? " which is a feature of the site by which you can be connected via text message with the site as a filter. I log in daily to find content censored or removed in its entirety (despite all originally composed in compliance within the TOS).

Imagine my surprise when instead of paying for one month at .05 I discovered I had paid for 9.00 and change. I immediately contacted "customer care," (an oxymoron if I ever heard one), to tell them to cancel immediately and refund my card. I was on for only 1 month and received at least 2 "flirts" from men who told me they did not send a "flirt. Talked to one member who I soon found out was paid by ourtime to get me to reup my subscription I cancelled auto renewal the day I signed up. The following month i noticed another charge from my bank account paid to Our Time for another month. When I Customer Support is contacted, I learn from the CSR that Our Time employs non-English speaking offshore techs to review and censor profile content. My friend recommended that one to me and it outperformed my expectations. Then try and get you to pay a fee in order to talk to them.

Now is the time to share your life with someone special, and you can find that here, in a mature dating service. It is free to:* View profiles with photos and complete profile info.* Are You Interested - Swipe to meet senior singles.* Keep track of who’s viewing your online profile.* View and rate your Daily Matches of older men and women.

Subscribe and unlock even more online features for senior dating:* Send and receive emails* See who is interested in you* Know when your message is read* Highlight your profile in Search & Inbox Meet mature men and meet mature women with the official Our Time dating app for singles over 50.

The other side of online dating pertains to the risks involved.

Online dating has become increasingly popular for singles to connect; it has flourished into a number of sites that are now individually geared toward a specific demographic market.

Our is an online dating service dedicated to connecting singles that are at least 50 years of age.

I also notified Pay Pal to dispute the charge, and next, if the charge posts to my credit card account, I will be contacting my bank to dispute it. Love classics and authenticity." This is all completely false and filled in by Ourtime without my permission or consent. I'm fairly certain this is illegal and is definitely slanderous at best. They advertise that the site is for 50 plus dating, google it. After reviewing all the negative reviews, I am going to call them have them cancel my membership, even though I have 3 months (of a 6 month membership) left. I had 212 messages as a non paying member in a 2 month period. In the 2 weeks I have been a paying member they have deleted or altered my entire profile page completely 4 times. Things are not always what they seem Our Time is a big scam. I filled in all the info on my profile on the first day. I contacted Customer Service and they said I never cancelled. Now I have to go to the bank and report my credit card stolen and have it replaced with a new card number. The CSR was also unfamiliar with social media dating terms such as BBW or FWB, and he claimed LMAO is acceptable while WTF is subject to censor. I have experienced the same issues as others with their "match" algorithms resulting in NON-matches - whether it be age, race, both type, smoking/non-smoking. And what is up with a 50-or-over dating site featuring so many "members" UNDER 50?

At NO TIME was I ever informed what the price for this "service" would be; I had clicked on 'one month and ended up being charged for six. These people should be tarred and feathered for such bad business practices.. This site actually fills in your 'a little about me' section if you don't fill it out. I will be forwarding this to Internet Fraud agencies as well as using all Social Media sites to spread the message. However, the customer service rep I spoke with today tells me the site is for all ages. There are not many people in my area, and I get tons of mail from members who are out of state. I signed in four days later and all the info I wrote was missing and replaced with info that didn't pertain to me. Our Time has agreed to refund my purchase and I am waiting to see if they will indeed make good on their offer over the next 72 hours.

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Take the necessary safety precautions and always meet in a public place. 60 and 70 year-old women are posting photos of themselves that are 40 and 50 years old!! The minute she got out of her car she apologized for the fact that her Our Time photo was 12 years old and that she had gained about 25 pounds!! When you get nothing but scammers something is wrong, I will agree they don't remove your information. More need to file a complaint, and I will agree to ban them. However, when you click on "continue" to get to the payment page, there is no pricing selection from which to choose.

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