Rainie dating sunny

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Rainie dating sunny

Yuupp, you read it right, Sunny is officially off the markets!Who would have thought, especially with his status of being the playboy of Taiwan.Sunny personally prepared every little detail and even designed the engagement ring himself.He told her that regardless of whether it be this life or the next life, it doesn’t matter where she is because he will always be able to find her.For this singer, her 'do also has a creative significance.Rainie reveals how her hairstyle is actually the “starting point” of every album: “I’ve nine albums so far and the first thing that i think about is the hairstyle I’m having for it.” On her surprisingly short crop for her ’ (handsome in Mandarin) with this new haircut.” To make up for it, the star says she’ll stick to mostly dresses and skirts until her short crop grows out. Why she wants to be a movie star When quizzed on her upcoming acting projects, she admits to having none at the moment, because “the (television) scripts are lousy”.Sunny raised alarms on the February 24 installment of SBS's 'Roommate' when she almost admitted to dating by a slip of the tongue! Can an attractive lady like her really be single all the time? The members were eating lunch with the DJs of 'Cultwo Show' when she was asked if it were uncomfortable not having a man.

Zhou, 26, is the first girlfriend Lo, 35, has acknowledged in his 20 years in the limelight, said China Times.

Following his break-up with Elva, he went on to have quite a number of celebrity relationships, including the rumoured one with before finally deciding that he and Dizzy are the ones for each other.

Dizzy and Sunny dated for just four-and-a-half months before getting engaged.

I need to date, I am dat--" then cut herself off to dead silence. SEE ALSO: Girls' Generation's Sunny to perform on stage with her father's band! " she laughed and said, "I am [dating] well on my own.

Rainie Yang at the Singapore press conference The sunny, chirpy Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang seems unusually introspective today, at the Singapore press conference for her new album.

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To be fair though, the two have known each other for a long time and briefly dated back in 2007 and before rekindling last December.

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