Procter and adam rodriguez dating updating google search results

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Procter and adam rodriguez dating

"I feel like Eric Delko has gone through so many ups and downs and has had such a great journey on the show," he says."There will be resolution with Eric and Calleigh, and it will be a nice, slow exit.In addition to learning just how Horatio (David Caruso) came by his iconic shades, viewers will also see how the Miami CSIs first came together."You see everyone's enthusiasm for when they first got the job, and hopefully people will be able to notice how we've subtly changed," Procter says. Detective Jessie Cardoza, Cibrian swings into for Season 8, which could pose its own share of problems for Calleighko.(CBS, 10/9c), sure, Horatio digs up a bit of political scandal and Malcolm Mc Dowell puts in an encore as ruthless legal eagle Darren Vogel. “He sees an opportunity here to be something more than just a boyfriend,” says the actor.

"It's and it's Calleigh Duquesne, so anything can happen!'s Christian Clemenson joins the cast as a medical examiner and, according to Procter, Omar Benson Miller's Walter Simmons will force the CSIs to do more science and research instead of relying on databases."[The new characters] add a lot of life to what we're doing," Procter says. "He's heard she's single and he has to be headed over for a little of that.Law & Order: Los Angeles alums Wanda de Jesus and Alana de la Garza, 24s Carlos Bernard, Boston Legal actor Christian Clemenson and Rizzoli & Isles' Ed Begley, Jr. , on March 20th, but what's making the press is her recent breakup.

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David Caruso, as Lieutenant Horatio Caine, was afforded the starring credit, whilst Emily Procter was credited second to him.