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he whole threesome thing started when my partner and I were curious about exploring our sexualities together,” Dimo Trifonov, tech branding specialist and founder of 3nder, told the Observer.

“She had feelings for a girl, and she didn’t know how to tell me.

“There is no scenario in the mainstream threesome imaginary where a woman in a heterosexual couple gets to watch some boy-on-boy action between her husband or boyfriend and another guy…3nder is there to fulfill every straight guy’s fantasy—a threesome with two One 26-year-old man signed up after seeing it on a Vice documentary about modern dating.

He’s not interested in polyamorous relationships but appreciates the sexual liberation 3nder presents.

Unless those are your safe words, keep it moving”—and feels women on vanilla dating apps swipe right for validation of their looks and profile rather than actually connecting.

“I used to see my gay homeboys on Grindr and thought, ‘Dang, it would be lit if we had that for the straight world.’ And voila, here we are in 2016.

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While the main purpose is to arrange threesomes, Mr.

Trifonov believes 3nder is not limited to people looking for threesomes, or for polyamorous couples searching for thirds for their relationship.

3nder might be described as Tinder for threesomes, but for some users, it’s simply Tinder without the usual social mores.

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So she wrote me a letter, and I responded with 3nder.

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