Ouran dating sim english

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Ouran dating sim english

She calls him "Casanova", while the twins jokingly refer to him as "Bossa Nova".A manga only character, Mei is the daughter of Ranka's co-worker and friend Misuzu, and is one of the first non Host Club members to realize Haruhi's feelings for Tamaki.Despite his creepy demeanor, he's actually a nice (Kasanoda is the successor to one of the most powerful yakuza groups in Japan.He is one of the first members outside of the Host Club to learn of Haruhi's secret.

Kyouya tends to take a more responsible approach to the club's activities, and tries to make sure that Tamaki and the others don't go overboard.She has a one-sided infatuation with Kyouya, due to his resemblance to a character in one of her favorite dating sims.Nekozawa (almost always referred to by his family name) is the president of the Black Magic Club, identifiable by his black cloak and Beelzenef hand puppet.It hardly ever takes itself seriously, but at times emotions can run quite high, making for some touching moments amid all the silliness.The manga however, became more serious and deeper the longer it went on, though it never lost track of the comedy. The manga was licensed as part of Viz Media's "Shojo Beat" collection, and the anime was made available in North America by Funimation in October of 2008. Both the manga and anime version of this series are well worth your attention, even if you're not part of the series' normal demographic.

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On propose une grande sélection de jeux plus originaux les uns que les autres, à toi de trouver celui qui te plaît.

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