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Commercial use of the lode ceased in 1963, when the traffic in sugar beet stopped.

As Burwell entered the Iron Age, activity on the fens to the west of the village appears to have diminished as conditions became more marshy.Accompanying the book is a DVD of voices of local residents chatting over tea and cakes, about life in the village they grew up in and together with a ‘slideshow’, gives an interesting visual and vocal experience. Take five minutes to read our basic safety guildlines here.The present course, created in the mid 17th century, replaced an older route which was probably Roman in origin.The lode splits into two at the village, and each branch served a series of basins, warehouses and wharves, which were located at the bottom of long strips of land, with the merchants' houses at the other end of them. By the 1890s, it had become the Patent Manure Works, was owned by Colchester and Ball, and around 10,000 tons of goods each year were shipped along the lode, using three steam tugs and a large fleet of lighters.

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Among these Geoffrey de Mandeville was particularly troublesome and, after turning against Stephen, had set up an impregnable base around Ely.