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While these details are fine, they aren’t the most powerful means of attracting women and often send the message that you’re just selfishly concerned with your own gratification.

Maybe that is all you’re concerned with, but I’d suggest changing your focus will help attract more women and hold their attention.

You just need to provide basic information about who you are and why you are different from all those other guys who are filling up her inbox.

Guys, I know it’s sometimes desirable (or essential) to keep your identity under wraps online, but I believe it is virtually impossible to attract a real woman without a photo. I’ve run across so many profiles that either make me jump through five security hoops to view a man’s photos or don’t provide any at all that I wonder if those men are actually serious about connecting with me.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of profiles that we receive that we have to send back because they say “I’ll fill this in later”.

Online dating is more popular than ever, but how's a girl supposed to stand out from the crowd and get guys to notice her?The bottom line is you have to give a woman some details about who you are if you want to generate real attraction.You don’t have to tell your life story or divulge deeply personal details.Doing this simply makes it easier for them to just move on to the next guy. This last pitfall is an all too common one, and although it might seem subtle, it really should be avoided.Remember, women get so many messages from men who do provide a photo that profiles without photos just get put on the back burner or ignored all together. Many men who actually put some time into writing a profile spend all the space talking about who they are, what they’ve accomplished and what they want from a woman.

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These three Cs plus physical attraction are what make up a woman’s mind about whether or not she wants to get to know you.

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