Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

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Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

When you send an Objective-C message to an object, you expect that object to receive the message and process it immediately. This method is part of the NSObject class, from which most other classes descend.

The Foundation Kit provides a way to post messages and have them delivered later, through the method perform Selector:with Object:after Delay:.

After it remembers the new color, it checks "if ([self delays Display])".

If it doesn't delay displaying, it sends "[self set Needs Display : YES]" - that's how you ask any NSView to redraw.

If you've just begun working with Foundation Kit and App Kit, don't worry - we'll explain things step-by-step.(Modern CPUs are fast, but still don't support time-travel.) If you change your mind about a delayed message you sent earlier, you can cancel it, using an NSObject class method: That's the "how" of delayed messaging. Each of the four examples shows one reason why - let's take a look in more detail.The source code for each of these demos is available online at ftp://ftp.In each of the four examples below, we'll describe the problem, show the solution working in the application, and then review the relevant parts of the code. This method takes three arguments: a Selector specifies the message to send.A selector is sort of the "name" of a method, a very distant cousin of C's function pointers.

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"], except that the message gets delivered later, not "while you wait".

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