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by Rosemary Canadine As many in the village will know, I have been working on the records of Lyddington for several years.

In 2009, English Heritage started to draw on my archive of material in order to improve their presentation of their display material in Lyddington Bede House.

The meeting on 25th November attracted a good turnout and was very successful.

Mike Frisby told us how the Langham group had carried out two history projects for which they had received grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

To this end, an open meeting was called in the Lyddington Village Hall at 6pm on 25th November 2009 to discuss the possibility of forming a history society.

Everyone in all the villages was invited to attend and to join.

Professor Michael and Elizabeth Jones, who had run the 'Norwell Heritage Project' in Nottinghamshire supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, provided us with many good ideas and advice on how to apply for funding for a similar scheme in Lyddington.

It could be fun, worthwhile, and could get us all working together.Such a society would also be a meeting place for those interested in any aspect of our very rich local history.An Inaugural Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Friday, January 15th at 7.30 p.m.I knew that deciphering them and collating the information they contained would be a very big task but, together with tree-ring dating, they offered a rare and exciting prospect of reconstructing the history of almost all the properties in the village.Similar projects, based on documentary evidence had been undertaken at Warwick University, with whom I proposed to co-ordinate, but none that I knew of had such extensive records as are available here.

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At the first Committee meeting, held on 22nd January, 2010, at 22 Main Street, officers of the Society were duly elected and the name of the society was decided, Lyddington Manor History Society, to make it clear that it was not just for the village of Lyddington but included all the villages in the manor.

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