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G: is this visble: H:yes G: pretty good for wide angle. I don’t wanna eat chickens pussy eggs all the time but its protein right?

H: only goes to your computer G: im glad you checked it coz t would take me hours to figure it out H: I have 2 or 3 guys very good at this technical friends Krasnodar 25min I have to take the fruit upstairs again coz were late, theyre being cool today so this is the big experiment, this is what you gotta tune back years from now to see, if this shit works right? that was breakfast wasn’t very exciting today well we’ll have the format ready next time.. yea im not gonna be so rude, I’m not gonna swear as much, I’m gonna be more uh.. they;re not gonna hear [mic covered handling noise] finshing/ cancel] again.. It all started with Picky Kid Pix who opened the first Zorpia email from her friend Devin. Given that it was pm and she was asleep, I opened the email. Normally, when you delete your account on any social media, you get the message that it’s deleted and you can’t find your account anymore. The only way to see the message was to allow it access to my Facebook. I realized pretty quickly that there was something weird about this site because it immediately started emailing my contacts. This site had my account up for at least two days after I “deleted” it. The emails, I’m told, continue to plague my email contacts.

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I’m putting it here coz I cant yell coz theres people there & I’m gonna be too loud if i start throwing my voice & making it good audio.fava over here..

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