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The cons are that there are SOOOO many more options.Like anything, if you use it wisely and with clear intention, it can be very successful for you.Now I carry a tool belt of mechanisms that I can pull from. I’m not standing from a hill preaching to others that they can do something without having done it myself. They would produce something that would always be void of ME.

I did and have been continuously doing work on myself throughout the growth of my business. I tried to hire ghostwriters who just didn’t get it, or me, or my advice.

It didn’t work out with that guy and I knew he had cute friends SO I of course went. I wasn’t attracted to him at first, but we had a nice conversation. See here: MK: The same things that they have always looked for in a man. But that’s once they are attracted and connected to a guy.

I kept seeing him out and every time I saw him he got more comfortable with me. To women it means “SOMETHING” and you better figure out what it is in under 30 seconds or you are F’d”. They are looking for confidence, passion, fun and excitement.

MK: I think like everything else, there are pros and cons to it.

The pros are that there are SOOOOO many more options.

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She is providing them with the right tools and skill set to attract, court and get any girl their heart desires through her unique curriculum, THE WING GIRL METHOD. Her witty podcast “Ask Women” and best-selling book, THAT’S NOT HOW MEN WORK, has not only up-ed her street cred from a professional standpoint, but it has catapulted her into one of the most sought after gurus by her peers, beyond the media and establishing mass appeal.

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