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You can stay overnight in a hut to savor the experience for longer. Costales has rustic and charming accommodations like this. – is a writer, traveler, and seeker who believes in traveling light, particularly in the inner journey. Her work and wanderlust takes her to adventures like backpacking for seven weeks and exploring remote islands and bustling cities alike.

Photo by Claire Madarang/Rappler MOUNTAIN BACKDROP. Enjoy the view of mountains like Banahaw from Costales' grounds.

From city walks to spa dates like here at Luljetta'€™s Hanging Gardens and Spa, there are many possible romantic dates.

Photo by Claudine Callanta It’s the weekend or your much-deserved break, and you want to go on a romantic date or adventure with your significant other, but would rather not have the hassle of traveling too far from the metro.

Or, you can easily spend a leisurely day exploring the National Museum of Fine Art and National Museum of Anthropology. Explore and appreciate the National Museum's artworks and artifacts.

Successful individuals all have advisors to make them even better.

(READ: Gulugod Baboy’s all-weather beauty) SUMMIT VIEW. You can cruise along the river, kayak, jet ski, walk on a floating bridge, jump on a trampoline on water, and more.

Look down at rolling green hills and blue seas from Gulugod Baboy's peak. Activities are provided by the resort San Rafael River Adventure.

Enjoy farm life together and breathe in the cool air here while enjoying the surrounding greenery and the mountain scenery in the background.

Dine on healthy yet delicious meals – organic meat included!

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While beaches usually just offer a view of either sunrise or sunset, you can also take in both the sunrise and the sunset from the river, and can even choose to sleep by the river through glamping in a tent on a bamboo raft, which you can walk to from the resort. From quiet activities like kayaking to more adrenaline-pumping ones like jet skiing, San Rafael River Adventure in Bulacan has many to choose from.

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