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Ludwig badge dating

The interior of the shell was clear in 1960, and by 1961 all shells were white up until 1967.By then, the shell mold changed from using a mix of mahogany and poplar to using maple and poplar in the same style 3-ply mold.Serial numbers are subject to discrepancies, which is why it is important to assess all aspects of the drums listed on this page not only to date the drum, but do determine the originality of it.This era would also mark the end of the Keystone badge era.

The diamond shaped chrome bracket was designed with a slot to slide on the extension arm of the sliding rail.Date stamps were done on the inside of a drum shell with a abbreviation of the month, followed by the day, and then year.Date stamps for drums produced in 1960-1963 were strictly red ink, while date stamps from 1964-1969 were red or black.In fact, it wasn’t until 1964 that Ludwig started to put serial numbers on their products.That leaves 4 years of 60’s era drums that can’t be dated using a serial number guide.

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Once in final assembly, badges were then issue to the shell that was pulled for final assembly.

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