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Live webcame schweiz girls gratis

I check out the the Seychelles camera, the 'snow' cams & this one (Stromboli too) maybe once a day. Glad everything is well in your part of the local time and not a soul around.

We did get some snow last week but it didn't stick around in the lowlands. I haven't been here much since the Zambian cams shut down.

The Alps constitute about one third of the Swiss territory and are of great importance both historically and geopolitically.

Nowhere in Europe are as many mountains higher than 4.000m – 73 mountains, 19 of them at the border to Italy.

The clock and watch industry, representing Swiss quality, steadiness, uniqueness, precision, tradition, design and innovation, mechanical engineering and the textile industry are the major economic sectors in Switzerland.

Moreover, it is famous for producing precision instruments and for products of the chemicals and pharmaceutical industry. Most of the Swiss are employed in the trade, the health and the education sector as well as in the banking and insurance sector.

11-8-17 Hey Audrey, It's a bit cloudy (it wants to rain) and about 53 degrees (12).

How fun it around the world within an instant! The birds are happy and I'd love to say everything is well with the world but...... It seems every day something happens that is unthinkable. My mother would buy tangerines and pomegranates from the open market near her work. Does Scotland celebrate any holidays between now and Christmas? Well, despite the state of the world, life goes on, and for that, I will rejoice. I just posted two photos of a nighttime lightning storm, taken minutes apart.

There are four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland is one of the most densely populated European countries with 7,7 million inhabitants and an area of 41.285 km².

It was a messy shot of white in that cold wet rain:).. We've been having some fantastic frosts and clear sunny days, apart from yesterday which was grey and wet.

Hi Gert, how are you and what is your weather like at the moment?

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I'm definitely not a 'water baby' - goes back to childhood. A good number of years ago in the 60's we went to pick up my husband's aunty and cousin from an airport in Scotland, we had a Mini in those days and what an adventure because I had to clear the snow off signposts en route. I am 4 hours away from the shooting (we laugh and say "you know you are from TX when you measure distance in time, not in miles"). There is so much hate in the world that I treasure all the more the comeraderie we can share here. That was amazing how you caught the lightning like that! I am going to stop briefly in northern Italy and check out snow - maybe even see about Norway - before I head to work. here and there is one lone gentleman with what is probably his grandchild playing. There's snow forecast in Scotland according to the weather man on the BBC. The tide looks higher at the beach today and no people about.

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