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Perhaps “sex” and “friendship” aren’t always mutually exclusive; we might just need new words to describe them.Do heterosexual men and women only bond for the hope of some sweet, sweet lovin’ down the road?

Still, the basic takeaway is this: Heterosexual men and women can be friends, and these friendships can be good for all parties involved.

The participants were asked to complete a survey about how many drinks they'd had that night.

In addition, they had to watch a 40-second video of either a physically attractive man or woman drinking at a bar and chatting with the bartender.

In a new study, published in , straight men were found to be more physically attracted to other men after a few drinks."Most notably, alcohol intake was related to increased sexual willingness of men with a same-sex partner, suggesting a potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men," wrote the authors in the study.

Researchers recruited a total of 83 straight men and women who were bar hopping in the Midwest at night.

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And even when people staunchly describe a relationship as “platonic”, the reality might be there’s sexual tension one or both parties are choosing (subconsciously or not) to ignore.

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