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Kurdish dating customs

Tribal groups in Iraqi Kurdistan have always had influence, mostly hidden behind the trappings of democracy.But recently several large tribal festivals have raised fears that tribal power is being revived.“Political parties gain the loyalty of tribes and clans by considering the tribes’ interests,” Abdullah Rishawi, a local historian, explains.

Some of the best known tribal groups in Iraqi Kurdistan include the Barzanji, Jaf, Mirawdale, Zebari and Bradosti tribes, among many others.This means that the tribes become more powerful and overrule what local courts may decide.” Shokhan then told NIQASH about a murder case she had been working on for the past few months.“But before we got to court, the case was resolved.The parties solve the tribes’ problems and look out for their daughters’ and sons’ interests.The personal and social relationships that are part of the tribal system are both used by the political parties and built upon by them.” And if something drastic happens – such as the death of a tribe member, while fighting under the banner of a certain political party – then the tribe and the political party are eternally linked, Rishawi continues.

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The festival run by the Jaf tribe is well known already.

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