Koyuki kato how is she dating

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Koyuki kato how is she dating

Koyuki was very carefree and friendly, while Mukuro was solitary and silent most of the time.

When Mukuro tried to break free from the village's ninja customs by running away, Koyuki saved her from the punishment with her strong heart and loyalty to her.

In the manga he gives her nicknames such a cutiepie and ninja girl, he can be flirtatious around her but also expresses a caring emotion when she is present.

In the manga, Koyuki has a crush on Natsumi and several people are jealous of her.

Koyuki and Dororo often do intense training with each other; using their ninja abilities to help those around them.

Mukuro was Koyuki's childhood friend and comrade back in their ninja village, but they were almost complete opposites.

Koyuki is an outsider kunoichi who meets Natsumi Hinata soon after coming to her home in Japan.

She finds and rescues stranded Zeroro and teaches him the ways of the ninja.

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