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Jscrollpane not updating

JTable already supports row selection when the user clicks on a row.

If you want to manually select rows then see Selection Model() and make your changes to List Selection Model.

When I modify the structure of the Default Table Model with the method below the JTable is refreshed but not the JScroll Pane.

I have to apply a second time this method to refresh the JScroll Pane.

Whatever you decide, you need to understand how to use Table Models better.

The Table Model has nothing to do with row selection.

When JPanel changes (in my case, I draw an image inside), the scroll bars are not refreshing accordingly.

I need to move them sligthly or resize the whole frame and then everything is fine.

How to force JScroll Pane to show correct scroll bars (ie.

The table also has methods to return the currently selected index. I wish it worked for me :( I tried it I think the problem is more fundamental because after I delete just 2 elements from the row, the column name also deletes itself.

To be more detailed, after I delete the first item, the scrollpane bar disappears too lol.

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It seems that I can add elements to my Scroll Pane via Jtable that has a custom model.