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Jason capital dating

Along their travels in Europe they came across a bar in Barcelona called “Xix,” pronounced “chicks” in Catalan.

They thought, wouldn’t it be something if we one day had another establishment called “xixa,” pronounced “shiksa” in Spanish in honor of Heather, Jason’s “shiksa,” or non-jewish girlfriend in Yiddish.

While travelling and cooking, Jason not only learned how unique these cuisines were but in many cases how similar.The food will be globally inspired but grounded by the flavors, techniques, and memories of a chef whose home lies in the suburbs of Mexico City.The ambience and service will reflect Heather’s cosmopolitan experiences, but be grounded by an affinity for traditional and modern Mexican aesthetics and culture.The truth is as follows: Jason Marcus and Heather Heuser met while working in a restaurant in San Diego in 2005.Eventually Jason (a nice jewish guy from Jersey), and Heather ( a nicer non-Jewish girl from New Hampshire) fell in love and decided to travel through Europe, move to New York, and open a restaurant called Traif.

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Heather is the shiksa, the muse, and la mujer of Xixa.

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