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Her sister en-rolls her in on-line dating and includes the description of "must lo...Certificate: Year: 2005 Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes Director: Gary David Goldberg Cast: Diane Lane, John Cusack, Elizabeth Perkins, Christopher Plummer, Dermot Mulroney, Stockard Channing, Ali Hillis, Brad William Henke, Julie Gonzalo, Glenn Howerton, Ben Shenkman, Jordana Spiro, Kirk Trutner, Victor Webster, Michael Spound, Will Mc Cormack, Ted Griffin, Marylouise Burke, Brad Hall, Bobby Coleman IMDB: Discover more...Susan Mackinnon, Loren Schaller, Michael Dietchweiler, Chelsey Koklmann, Dr. Ida Fox, Lorna Kahn, PT, Laura Moser, Denise Wilson, Tom Wachtel, Jerice Boston, SSC, Dr. Trying to remove the obnoxious new owners, they call on the services of a demented but hilarious bioexorcist, Beetlejuice.Certificate: Year: 1988 Duration: 1 hour, 32 minutes Director: Tim Burton Cast: Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Annie Mc Enroe, Maurice Page, Hugo Stanger, Rachel Mittelman, Catherine O' Hara, J.Join a spectacular cast of singers and musicians marking the occasion with an enchanting evening of Irish Yuletide magic at St. Certificate: From pills to pumps to plastic implants, this is the story of one man's pursuit to make his penis bigger.It explores a prevalent obsession, an ostensibly physical problem that may reveal more about the twisted psyche of the post-porn male than anything else.

IMDB Rating: Amazon Rating: Some 50 million years ago, the Himalayan mountain range pushed up from an ancient seabed to the roof of the world.

IMDB Rating: Amazon Rating: ' Pride in Battle' is the epic story of the rapidly growing Xakanaxa pride as it battles to survive through one of the Okavango's harshest winters.

Twenty-one adults and cubs now make up the group, and because of such a rapid expansion in their numbers, the adults concentrate their hunting efforts on the prey guaranteed to provide the most food - buffalo.

Certificate: Five years after the unexpected death of vibrant ingénue Emily Cole, her brother Jason stages an intimate dinner party for those she loved most.

In attendance are her faith-driven parents, her devoted friend Jessica and her ex-boyfriend Jim.

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"A wonderful journey of human spirit and love for the Golden Age of Ocean Travel with sensational footage of Great Ocean Liners of the past" -Paul O' Laughlin, Entertainment Director Cunard Certificate: Sarah Nolan, a preschool teacher in her thirties, is recently divorced.